live-wild-its-an-adventure asked:

So I'm having a hard time finding a new good book. Are there any you could suggest?

findinghomeinabook answered:

Here, I’ll copy a post I had earlier answering the same question :)

"It all depends on what you’re into, really. If you like fantasy I absolutely loved the Heir series by Cinda Williams Chima or if you’re into dystopian fiction the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu contains my current favorite book. If you like sci-fi The Broken Stars was fantastic or if you want a light, happy read Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock was lovely! I also loved the Lunar Chronicles series, a dystopian novel based on fairy tales. It’s super cool and I definitely recommend it!"


When her kiss transforms the Beast, she is furious.

"You should have warned me! Here I was smitten by an exceptional being, and all of a sudden, my fiance becomes an ordinary distinguished young man!"

the 1909 play Beauty and the Beast:  Fantasy in Two Acts by Fernand Noziere, the very first published version of the story where the Beauty is disappointed when the Beast transforms into a human at the end. (via corseque)